Jette Clean has been servicing private and public buildings for nearly 30 years without the use of subcontractors. All services are provided by our own resources and teams specially trained to respond to each request. From daily programs to a customized periodic program. User-friendliness and follow-up are of paramount importance to us!

General cleaning

Our customers benefit from our innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning services. By always carrying out a thorough analysis of your needs, we always arrive at the best solution. Moreover, we work with our own digital tool to ensure an unprecedented follow-up with an interesting price.

Specialized cleaning

Industrial cleaning, intervention after water damage and/or fire, graffiti removal, cleaning after work, cleaning of facades, etc. Jette Clean provides all this with specially trained intervention teams.


Green zones

Enjoy pleasant green spaces that stimulate the tranquility of your staff and visitors. We can help you all year round with maintenance and relieve you of all worries so that you can concentrate on your main activity.

Green constructions

We'll garden for you too! Indeed, mowing and trimming hedges or mowing lawns or replanting, weeding and verticutting weeds are part of our skills. Our gardeners will be happy to refresh and beautify your grounds.

Winter Services

Jette Clean keeps a close eye on the weather codes indicated by the IRM during the winter months so you can sleep soundly. For instance, we can clear snow from your property and take care of preventive salt applications in no time.



Our qualified technicians can perform a wide range of work such as construction, demolition and renovation. Furthermore, it is also possible to carry out electrical, heating and ventilation work with Jette Clean.


Indoor and outdoor painting, decoration work, floor and wall coverings, industrial painting, ceiling and plastering work, etc. Do you need a service that is not listed here? No problem, contact us and we will look for a tailor-made solution.

Construction & Renovation

Jette Clean can take care of all your renovation and demolition work, wall and floor coverings, insulation, partitions, false ceilings and floors, preventive and post treatment of concrete, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote request.


Reception & Facility

Solving all your problems is our motto. That's why we offer you even more! We take care of all the management of your installations: from the Facility Managers to the receptionists, either permanently or as a replacement during long absences or vacations of your staff.


Is your staff often sick or absent? Are you tired of looking for replacements that need to be continually retrained or do you just want a temporary replacement while your receptionist is on vacation? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Allround facility services

Are you looking for a partner who can ensure the permanent management of your building and/or land? Then look no further. We can carry out small and large repairs and relieve you of your worries related to technical inspections. Thanks to our do-it-yourself services and our qualified staff, they are handled quickly and professionally!


Technical Support

Are you looking for a reliable and competent partner for all your support services? Look no further and contact Jette clean. Thanks to our years of expertise in various buildings and under all circumstances, we can make the impossible possible in no time.

On demand

Do you need a handyman who visits your building at a predefined frequency and provides you with a digital list of tasks that have been completed? Thanks to our application, we can provide you with this type of information efficiently and transparently.


Jette Clean can provide you with a permanent solution in DIY, internal mail distribution, as well as setting up and preparing your meeting rooms. We can also help you with catering, maintenance of vending machines. We can take care of your indoor plants and eliminate your waste. Contact us quickly for a tailor-made quote.


Pest Control & Disinfection

Peace of mind is the foundation of a peaceful life, that's why you should choose Jette Clean! Thanks to an extremely fast service, there is always someone available and close to you to take care of your problem with the right tools. Our experienced staff ensures that all parasites disappear in no time at all. For instance, regarding our disinfection services, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, considerable investments have been made in our teams and in the provision of additional resources to make your premises safe from contamination.


To eliminate pests, it is important that safety standards are strictly adhered to. Therefore, do not hesitate to call upon professionals and contact Jette Clean.


Disinfection is an important tool to protect against the spread of viruses, including Coronavirus. Jette Clean focuses on the application of an agent that works by direct contact and nebulization. This method involves dispersing fine particles that first float in the air and then slowly descend onto all surfaces.



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