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At your service since 1992

Who we are

Located just outside the Brussels Ring Road, Jette Clean was founded in 1992 and has since built up unrivalled experience in the field of facility services. Our goal is to provide a service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. Taking into account an excellent price/quality ratio where communication towards our clients is central.

Our history 

In 1992, the company started as CVBA at 373 rue Leopold I in Jette, Brussels. The quality of the services provided led to a rapid growth. Step by step, the company gained the trust of its customers. The good references formed the basis for new and larger contracts.

Our philosophy

Passionate about what we do and the way we do it, we meet the ever-changing needs and demands of our industry, both technologically and methodically. The rigor in our work as well as the safety of our customers are the basis of our occupations. We routinely implement new strategies and systems to stay ahead of the competition and in line with industry innovations.



Always taking your wishes into account

In a nutshell

Do you need a cleaner? Would you like to regularly call on our services for the cleaning of your offices or your showroom, or for the maintenance of your building? We offer a thorough maintenance service.

What do you get with a contractual maintenance? Our cleaners will take care of your offices or any other workplace or passageway on a daily basis. Such as a store, showroom, school, office building, workshop or car park.

Sleep on your two ears and rely 100% on Jette Clean for the cleaning of your offices or the maintenance of a company building. This contractual service takes a lot of worries out of your hands.


The cleaning of offices and workplaces is, of course, always carried out with the greatest care. As far as possible, we do this after office hours, so that your activities are not compromised. For this maintenance we use skilled employees.


Our Industrial Cleaning department can take care of the maintenance of your warehouse or depot in a very diligent and safe way. We can take care of an initial, major cleaning as well as regular maintenance. Don't hesitate to contact us for a request and/or quotation.

Railway stations

Public places like stations and other environments hold no secrets for Jette Clean. We have been providing cleaning services to a large number of stations in Belgium for more than 15 years and have built up a unique experience.

Shopping malls

Over the years, we have built up an unrivalled experience in cleaning shopping centers and other public spaces. You can find us for example in more than 10 shopping centers in Belgium and at the Kinepolis group.

In a nutshell

Jette Clean can help you with both daily and periodic cleaning. From carpet maintenance to cleaning ceilings, from cleaning after vandalism to periodic maintenance of your warehouse, we always have a solution for you!

Our teams are always provided with their own material, tools, products and machines. So you don't have to provide anything! We always have the necessary information and will not fail to share our expertise with you. Jette Clean works without subcontractors and does everything with its own resources.

It is also possible to rent special equipment and machinery from us, so do not hesitate to contact us if you require such a service.

Follow up

Our fully equipped special cleaning team can clean any type of building after a possible renovation or work.


Jette Clean has unparalleled expertise in the cleaning of public areas, which of course includes airports. Thanks to our invaluable experience in cleaning this particular type of place, we can guarantee a considerable expertise and innovative methods.

Shared spaces

We can handle the cleaning of the shared spaces of your building on either a daily, fortnightly, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.


A clean environment is extremely important for the healthy development of children as well as for the well-being of teachers. The maintenance of your school infrastructure is a priority for us, this, to ensure its sustainability.

In a nutshell

In order to guarantee a positive first impression of your company to your customers, future employees and visitors, having clean windows is essential.

We also save you money! Indeed, when your windows are clean, natural light comes in more easily and saves energy from artificial lights.

Bovendien is glas een natuurproduct dat zonder de juiste reiniging of zonder voldoende reiniging verweert en stuk gaat.

Over the years, our window washers have gained a wealth of experience in various environments, including a safely way of working. In case of disagreement with the working conditions, we do not perform any services.

Indoor & outdoor

Side windows, easy or difficult to access, indoor or outdoor windows pose no problem for our window washers, all of whom have a specific certificate for the aerial work platform and safety equipment that is checked annually.

Glass partitions

The daily cleaning team will remove all stains and unpleasant traces on your doors and glass partitions up to a man's height. However, it is preferable, for the durability of this glass, to also plan a maintenance at least once a year.


Because of our considerable presence in public areas, it is also possible to clean awnings with Jette Clean in a safe and structured manner without disturbing visitors to your building.

In a nutshell

Keeping your workplace 100% clean is our only goal, and this for your greatest satisfaction. In addition to daily and periodic services, we can provide complete maintenance and treatment of your floors, complete cleaning of your computers and accessories (also known as Data Cleaning), shampooing of your carpets, maintenance of your washrooms, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding quotation.

Floor care

From parquet to natural stone, blue stone to stone carpet, concrete and cast floor, our specialists can significantly increase the life span of your floor through regular maintenance.

Carpet care

Planning a monthly maintenance of your carpet by specialists or an annual carpet shampoo? You have come to the right place!

Data Cleaning

ICT equipment, printers, vending machines, payment terminals, parking lots, ticket readers etc, ... all without forgetting the environment. Indeed, our products are non-toxic and will not damage your equipment.


It is important to give your sanitary facilities a thorough periodic maintenance. Washing ceilings and walls, disinfecting and descaling, Jette Clean takes care of it all.


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1700 Employees

Organic Growth

About Jette Clean

Founded in 1992, Jette Clean is a family business located just outside the Brussels Ring Road. We specialize in commercial cleaning contracts in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our company offers a complete service and offers many other installation services such as technical interventions, window cleaning, garden maintenance, a removal service, etc.





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